Assignment tutorial

This is a tutorial for the “6 second art” video assignment.

The first step is to record your video, just pick something fun and record yourself doing it. Length isn’t a huge deal, we’re going to speed it up next, but I wouldn’t make it longer than a minute or two as then it’s just a blur once you’ve sped it up.

Next, start up your video editing software of choice, I used shotcut, but any video editor will have an option to speed up the video.


In shotcut, the video speed option is under “properties”, but this will probably vary depending on the software you use.

All you have to do is increase the video speed until the length of the video is 6 seconds, thats it!

Weekly update

Lets see, this week I did two daily creates(, and I did the comments for kids assignment. Good lord but this was a tough one, I wanted my comments to mean something, so I searched for blogs that had posts within the last week. Turns out, thats only about 10% of them! I finally did find some kids who I wanted to give some feedback to, though. I gave a bit of advice to Reuben, shared some memories of Harry Potter with Lily, and agreed with Grace on voting(links below). Hopefully they’ll see my comments, and get something positive out of them. And I finished my interview with Bill Gross. It didn’t turn out perfect, I’m afraid my lack of experience with the camera caused it to turn out blurry. Blurriness aside, I did have fun editing it, and finding old photos of Bill to put in. Unfortunatly, Bill asked me not to upload it to youtube, so I’ll be turning it in to Dr. Genereux on a usb. Hopefully I can convince Bill to give me permission once he sees it. Fingers crossed.

Reuben –

Lily –

Grace –

My favorite thing to do video assignment – 3 1/2 stars

This is me playing the game Civ IV, a game I’ve poured thousands of hours into. I guess watching it, it doesn’t seem like I’m doing much, but I just love losing myself in conquering the world, besting my opponents and managing a worldwide empire. I put it on double speed, to hopefully pack in just a little more detail about how it’s played in the 1 minute time limit.

Week 9

These last couple weeks have been crazy busy for me, and I wasn’t able to listen to the radio show when it actually aired. Thanks to Dr. Genereux for uploading the show to his soundcloud so I could listen when I had time.

Overall I really liked the show, made me laugh even though I was there for the recording. One thing I think that could’ve improved it would have been something like “and we’ll be right back” before the cutaways, because they seemed to come up pretty suddenly, without any warning, so it wasn’t a very smooth transition. But yeah, overall it was really good and I enjoyed making and listening to it.

Week 8

So we got everything recorded finally, I think it went great, everyone sounded good, and I know I had fun doing it. I didn’t get to listen to the live show because I had work, but my professor uploaded a copy to his soundcloud, and I’ll give that a listen this week.