Weekly Summary 7

Well this week was kinda crazy. One of my roommates screwed up while washing clothes and flooded the basement, and I had to work til 10 almost every night. As for digital media stuff, the group google doc started out a total mess(and got worse from there), and it took me deleting all of it and posting some actual on topic things to get things going, but I think we’ve made some progress. Oh and I actually did some commenting for once, check it out below!


To be honest, I don’t expect or even want feedback on my own work, at least not from people I don’t even know, so that’s why I comment so little on others work. I’m just not a social guy, online or in the real world, and social media is a foreign concept to me, I just don’t get the point of it. Anyway, here’s some links to some commenting I did actually do this week:



Weekly update 6

Took me forever to get into the admin area of this site, I forgot the admin url. Finally did, though. Got my designblitz posted, I’d saved it as a draft instead of posting it. My daily creates are on my twitter(@BigWillyM9001) and all my design assignments are below!


I never had Digital Media 1, so my understanding of the design elements is a little rough. Here’s my take on  a few elements.


This is my hat that I’m required to wear for work(in the meat dept. at Dillons). If you look, you’ll notice the whit discoloration on the bill, which is from the powder in the gloves, which gets on my hands when I wear them, and then on my hat when I adjust it. This is an example of bad color design.



These two photos are of a sculpture on Santa Fe Ave., that demonstrates good use of the space element.


This is another sculpture on Santa Fe, this one demonstrating a good use of form, combining both organic and geometric.



These two photos show the intersection of Magnolia and Belmont, which I feel demonstrates bad shape design, because it’s a 4 way intersection with a railroad going through it(with no gates that come down when a train come through).

Movie quote design assignment

For my quote, I chose the classic one from Back to the Future, “we don’t need roads”, as those movies are probably my favorite. This one was pretty simple, just download a picture and slap on a quote. The hardest part was getting the text to show up on the image, so I ended up just putting some blank black space below it, making the text white, and putting it there.


Weekly update 5

Sitting here on my computer and I just realized I totally forgot to do the update for week 5. I think I got all the work done though, all three daily creates, all the assigned audio assinments, etc. Links for all that stuff are below. I really liked this week, it was a lot of work, but it was all satisfying work, I just got super busy with all the things I had to do for this class, in addition to my UAS senior project so I ended up getting a little behind.

Radio show ideas

Well a good one that’s on my mind right now would be copyright infringement, and how my content got blocked from soundcloud just because it sounded similar to a song I’ve never even heard of. Other topics….. how about everyone’s favorite candy, and how they’re wrong because it’s not reeces? Seriously though, lets just pick a few random facts about ourselves, like what we like to eat, and do for fun, and go around and discuss how everyone enjoys different things.